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Setting the Tone for Communication


By Chuck Gault, Max Coating President

At Max Coating, we have a lot of honest, hard-working employees. They’re also intelligent and experts at what they do. That’s why it’s important to me that they feel they are able to speak with me, no matter what the issue. But where do employees get their willingness to communicate?

From the leaders of the company, of course.

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Our Core Company Values: We Even Put Them on a T-Shirt

maxtshirtBy Chuck Gault, Max Coating President

We spent some time a couple of years ago developing core values for our company. We gathered our management team and supervisors together in one room.  We talked about what our core values should be, and we ended up with four.  We even put them on a t-shirt.

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The Toyota Production System: Rule 4 – All or None


By Chuck Gault, Max Coating President

From the previous post, The Toyota Production System – Why is it so hard to implement, we discussed how it was easy to get caught up in the tools of the system. For Max Coating, we realized we had the tools. What we also realized was that we were missing the rules of the Toyota Production System. The rules go a little something like this:

Rule 1:  All work shall be highly specified and standardized.

Rule 2:  Every connection must be direct, and there must be an easy yes-or-no way to communicate.

Rule 3:  The pathways in the plant (and supply chain) must be simple and direct.

Rule 4:  Any improvement must be made in accordance with the scientific method, under the guidance of a teacher, at the lowest possible level in the organization.

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The Toyota Production System – Why is it so hard to implement?

By Chuck Gault, Max Coating President

For over six decades the Toyota Production System (TPS) has been marveled at by the outside world as the best way to produce products in an efficient manner.  Honda, Mercedes, BMW, John Deere, and pretty much every other significant OEM have their own system, but it is hard for even them to argue that their systems are not largely based on TPS.  It is the global standard in manufacturing.

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Move the Table

By Chuck Gault, Max Coating President

tableThere’s a method that’s routinely used in Japanese manufacturing companies to ensure they’re working as efficiently as possible – PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act). It works off the understanding that if you want to improve a process, you don’t simply go out and start making changes. Continue reading

“We Want Perfection.”

By Chuck Gault, Max Coating President

BullseyeI recently attended a talk given by one of the vice presidents at Honda America, where he addressed what his company is looking for from their suppliers.

“We want perfection,” he said. The crowd gave a nervous laugh.

But it’s true. A company like Honda doesn’t get to the level where they are without striving for perfection – perfection from themselves and from their suppliers.  Continue reading

Sharpen Your Axe

By Chuck Gault, Max Coating President

AxeIt seems like I’m constantly Googling terms that I think I know, but upon further reflection, realize need clarification. It still amazes me that with just a few clicks of my mouse, I’m able to get any answer to any question under the sun.

I found myself talking to some of my team members the other day about quality assurance. But the more I used that phrase, the more I realized that maybe I was using it wrong. Enter: Google. Continue reading

Coca-Cola, Braves and Max Coating…

Max Coating Atlanta Plant…What do they all have in common? They call Atlanta home!

We’re excited to announce that Max Coating has acquired a new high-capacity electrocoat and powdercoat facility in Atlanta, Georgia.

What does this new plant mean for our customers? In a nutshell, we’re able to coat bigger parts at higher processing speeds. It’s the next step in our effort to serve more customers faster and better! Continue reading