Month: June 2013

Our Core Company Values: The Results Are In

By Chuck Gault, Max Coating President It had been about a year since the management team and I had got together to establish our core company values. As you remember from the previous post, we came up with: Honesty Respect Empowered Team Members Continuous Improvement After this time had gone by, I began wondering how the
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What are the Environmental Benefits of Powder Coating?

Using powder coating takes away many of the issues that come with liquid finishes. One of the main issues being the impact liquid finishes have on the environment. Powder coating does not contain all the pollutants that liquid finishers contain, thus eliminating the need for pollutant control equipment. This benefit is passed on to consumers
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Our Core Company Values: We Even Put Them On a T-Shirt

By Chuck Gault, Max Coating President We spent some time a couple of years ago developing core values for our company. We gathered our management team and supervisors together in one room.  We talked about what our core values should be, and we ended up with four.  We even put them on a t-shirt. Here’s
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