About Us


To Protect Our Customer’s Investment in Ecoat

Max Coating’s purpose is at the center of our Business Strategy.  Everything we do in our day-to-day operations supports our purpose.  

Whether it’s unloading parts off a truck; placing parts on racks; quality control checks in our process or packing parts out after ecoat—it’s all about protecting our customer’s investment with ecoat.

So when it comes to our team members; it’s no different.  Max Coating’s philosophy is that team members who feel connected have a much higher probability of performing at a higher level in a more enjoyable way.  

Whether it’s rewarding an employee for going “above and beyond”; recognizing employee birthdays; Management serving lunch to the employees or having a cookout or potluck lunch—it all supports our purpose.  

Our Values

BE RESPECTFUL: To each other and our customers

BE RELIABLE: We meet our commitments

BE RESPONSIVE: We react quickly when things don’t go as planned

Our Problem Solving Culture

In any organization, problems occur on a daily basis.  Max Coating is no exception.  However, we feel strongly it’s the way an organization deals with its problems that define it.

At Max Coating, we’ve adopted three simple steps to problem solving:

GO SEE:  Management must go to where the problem occurred:  the “Gemba” or the front lines

ASK WHY:  Investigate by asking questions.

SHOW RESPECT: Respect people always.

These steps apply in every aspect of what we do; whether a problem is internal or external, simple or complex, related to our team members or our customers.

More importantly, it’s the foundational piece for building our company culture.


Max Coating’s focus on our Customer’s Key Requirements is at the heart of our commitment to excellence.  We know our Customers expect:


Ecoated parts must meet specifications 100% of the time


Counts, labels and shipping documents are correct 100% of the time


100% of the time


Responsive and reliable information 100% of the time

100% Good Parts
100% On-time Delivery
100% Accuracy

ISO Certification

Max Coating is certified to ISO 9001:2015, an international standard set for our industry.  Max Coating has been an ISO Certified company since 2004.  We believe strongly in the following:

  • Customer Focus
  • Standards
  • Documented Processes
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership
  • Team Member Empowerment
  • Continual Review of Quality Objectives