Culture Happens With or Without Your Help

Corporate culture can mean quite a few things. Culture can be the way your team interacts or the overall atmosphere in the work place. It can be something as simple as doughnuts every Friday or team meetings once a week to make sure everyone is doing well. There is one thing that is universal about culture. Every company has one.

There are articles all over the internet discussing culture and how to build the best one for your company. Fortune 500 CEO’s are all concerned with the atmosphere inside their organization and how their team interacts. Why is that? A happy workforce works harder and makes a company more profitable.

A culture will begin to form anywhere a group of people gather together for extended periods of time. If you don’t closely monitor and develop your own culture, it could go awry. Take Google for example. They are one of the most profitable companies in the world. One of their core organizational values is maintaining a happy workforce by offering naps, a relaxed work environment and just about anything an employee could ever want.

Now I know not all of us can be Google but a little thought into organizational culture goes along way. It could be as simple as management visiting the floor once a week to engage with team members. Are you developing a strong company culture? If not, it could be happening without your guidance.

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