Ecoat 2014

In April, I was invited to be the closing speaker at Ecoat14. I can’t begin to describe how privileged I felt to present at such an event. The Electrocoat Association and Product Finishing Magazine host the show every other year.  It brings in the leaders of the top companies in our industry from all over the country to learn about new technologies and innovations.

My presentation focused on the importance of social media and digital marketing. You’d be surprised how many manufacturers don’t believe digital marketing pertains to our industry. Let me tell you, it does. Every industry needs to consider the digital market. While some may find it more helpful than others, it has certainly proved beneficial to Max Coating.

Prospective customers, current customers and team members have all come to me and mentioned something they noticed through our digital efforts. They have mentioned our blog, our newsletter and even Twitter as a source of information regarding Max Coating.

It’s difficult to describe the honor of speaking at Ecoat14.  I was a nervous and a bit out of my comfort zone speaking to a large group, but it was a pleasure to share our experience in the digital marketing landscape. I hope to see you all there in 2016.

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