Ecoat, more properly referred to as Electrocoat, was developed over 50 years ago to address corrosion issues in the automotive industry.  Today, Ecoat is used in a wide variety of applications including automotive, agricultural, heavy truck, marine, infrastructure and general industrial.

Ecoat Advantages

  • Excellent corrosion protection,
  • High finish quality,
  • Complete coverage of complex parts,
  • No heavy metals or HAPs,
  • Uniform coating on all surfaces,
  • Precise film thickness control, and
  • More cost-effective than other coating options.

Steps in the Ecoat Process

  1. Pretreatment – Cleaning and phosphating of the metal surface prior to Ecoat application.
  2. Ecoat – A DC charge is applied to the metal parts immersed in a bath of oppositely charged paint particles.
  3. Curing – Parts are baked in an oven so the Ecoat bonds to the pretreated metal surface.