Flipping the Organizational Chart

Organizational charts are crucial for developing human resource policies and establishing managerial hierarchy. In many cases, the development of an organizational structure is the final piece that launches a small business to the next level. Most companies have an organizational chart and most of them have the President or CEO at the top, the Vice President next and the department head below the Vice President and so on.


At Max Coating we do it differently.   Our team members that load and unload parts sit at the top of our organizational chart.  Thousands of parts pass through their hands every day. Parts are meticulously examined by these employees to ensure that we only sell the highest quality products. It is the most critical thing we do.  Our job is to ship high quality parts. If a bad part makes it out our door, we have failed our customers.


Everyone in the organization has to understand their place in the hierarchy. Supervisors and managers must understand that their job is to support the people at the top of the chart. Take a look at your organization.  Are the most important people at the top of the chart?  If not, maybe a good flipping is in order.

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