Other Services

In addition to Ecoat, Max Coating offers several other services to its customers including SHOT BLAST, PARTS WASHING, and VALUE-ADD.


Shot blasting is an effective method or removing weld silicate, rust, and debris from metal parts prior to Ecoat.  

Some automotive specifications will require pretreatment of welds prior to Ecoat to ensure proper adhesion, particularly when the part will be exposed to a highly corrosive environment.  Max Coating has been able to meet the most stringent automotive corrosion requirements by using its shot blast capabilities to clean parts prior to the standard Ecoat process.


Often automotive parts are required to be free from stamping lubes, coolant, oils, chips, adhesives, grease, lubricants, dust, and dirt.  Max Coating uses a three-stage belt washer to help its customers meet these requirements.

Components that can be washed included:

  • Engine components,
  • Oil pans,
  • Oil/fluid pumps,
  • Drive train components,
  • Suspension components, and
  • Hard to clean parts prior to Ecoat.


Max Coating offers value-added solutions that help customers save time and reduce costs.

Some of the Value-Add service Max Coating offers include:

  • Assembly,
  • Rivet Installation,
  • Custom Packaging, and
  • Custom Labeling.