“We Want Perfection.”

By Chuck Gault, Max Coating President

BullseyeI recently attended a talk given by one of the vice presidents at Honda America, where he addressed what his company is looking for from their suppliers.

“We want perfection,” he said. The crowd gave a nervous laugh.

But it’s true. A company like Honda doesn’t get to the level where they are without striving for perfection – perfection from themselves and from their suppliers. 

As a company that supplies parts to some of the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world, we strive for perfection every single day. Do we achieve it? Well, almost. Show me a company who claims perfection 100 percent of the time, and I’ll show you some oceanfront property here in Birmingham, Alabama.

What we do is work, every day, to ensure that our team is completely focused on doing the things in our shop that create perfect parts. That means we run film thickness checks, curing tests for the baking process, adhesion tests for our paint, hardness tests and more. We perform regular checks to our parts before they leave the factory.

What it boils down to in my mind is not that you achieve 100 percent perfection in everything that leaves your plant, but that you STRIVE for 100 percent perfection. And that’s what we do at Max Coating. Perfection is a goal that we aim for every single day.

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